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Gardening Tools & Accessories

All the accessories and essential garden tools you need to insure your gardening success
  • Vine and Veggie Trellis
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    Vine and Veggie Trellis


    Trellis Netting 5' x 10'

  • Rain Gauge
    Sold out

    Rain Gauge


    Rain gauge in a decorative holder decorative measuring for garden bed or container scaled in inches and millimeters includes multi piece steak whic...

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  • Basket with Handle Sea Grass
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    Basket with Handle Sea Grass

    from $39.99

    Basket for picking produce in the garden.  Made out of Sea Grass with strong Handle  

  • Wood plant labels 4”

    Wood plant labels 4”


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Rapiclip wood plant label 24 wooden plant labels per pack It measures 4-inch length

  • Plant labels 6” 25 with pencil

    Plant labels 6” 25 with pencil


    Mark your vegetable and flower plants, bulbs and seeds for easy identification on these white plastic labels.  Choose from different sizes and our ...

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  • Stim Root N3

    Stim Root N3


    ONLY AVAILABLE FOR STORE PICK UP Stim-Root®No3 has been proven to aid in the rooting of hardwood cuttings such as euonymus, grapes, privet, cedars...

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  • Watering Can Gold

    Watering Can Gold


    metal watering can holds .5l of water 

  • Water Globe Mister

    Water Globe Mister


    Keep your plants happy and healthy by spritzing them with water from one of these decorative misters. Choose from one of the four fabulous colours...

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  • Rainbow Scrubby Sponge Small

    Rainbow Scrubby Sponge Small


    Scrubs fresh root vegetables, outdoor planters, stakes, garden tools, BBQ racks and grills. Cleans stainless steel pans, ceramic stovetops, ovens, ...

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  • Succulent/fairy garden planting tools

    Succulent/fairy garden planting tools


    Essential planting tool kit for your tropicals and succulents  contains plant tweezers, brush, shovel,precision water applicators, planter and weed...

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  • Tina's Tower

    Tina's Tower


    Tina's Tower Plant hangers are perfect for patios and decks.  They also allow you to water your plants with ease.   -Tip resistant -Great for small...

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  • Sprayer 8 Liter with Lance

    Sprayer 8 Liter with Lance


    8L Pressure Sprayer Compressed Air Spray Garden Sprayer Pump Hand Pressure Watering Spray Garden, Irrigation.

  • heart shaped hand trowel

    heart shaped hand trowel


    stainless steel hand tool  designed for hard to work and clay soils   28 cm 

  • Bird feeder Straw Grey

    Bird feeder Straw Grey


    straw bird feeder80% straw - 20% polymer resinwith rope hanger with pinewood stick diameter 7.9x9.1"

  • Bird Feeder Coffee Husk

    Bird Feeder Coffee Husk


    coffee husk bird feeder80% coffee husk - 20% polymer resinwith rope hanger with pinewood stick diameter 7.9x9.1"

  • Bird House Bamboo

    Bird House Bamboo


    bamboo fiber birdhouse80% bamboo fiber - 20% polymer resinwith bamboo roof and sticksize of the bird hole diameter 4 cm 7.1x11.2x8.3"

  • Bird Feeder - Wooden

    Bird Feeder - Wooden


    These little fir wooden bird feeders are a perfect addition to any yard to attract lovely birds. Available in light or dark green. Size: 19.5x19x20 cm

  • Signs on Stake

    Signs on Stake


    MDF sign on a picket with text

  • Bird Feeder Circle 9.25

    Bird Feeder Circle 9.25


    Round glass bird feeder 9.25”

  • Soil Tester Rapitest
    Sold out

    Soil Tester Rapitest


    Soil Tester10 color coded tests: 4 for pH, 2 each for nitrogen, phosphorus and potash.

  • Twist Tie

    Twist Tie


    Multi-Purpose 82 feet Garden Twist Ties Plant Twist Ties with Cutter, Twist Ties for Plants Support Garden Office and Home Cable Organizing

  • Soft Wire ties 8"
    Sold out

    Soft Wire ties 8"


    Heavy plants, vines or vegetation with heavy fruit can be secured with Soft Wire Ties. Use these precut ties, which are shielded with a rubber-like...

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  • Rain Gauge with Bracket
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    Rain Gauge with Bracket


    Mounting Bracket Rain GaugeHanging rain gauge easily attaches to decks or fence posts.

  • Plant Labels 8”

    Plant Labels 8”


    30 Plant Labels 8"