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Gifts and Decor

Decor and giftables for every style and budget

  • Ornament - Ring w/Baubles inside

    Ornament - Ring w/Baubles inside


    17.5 diameter ring with 3 glass baubles hung inside! Each bauble features dried flowers and varies in size from one to another.

  • Drizzler - Hot Mamas - 250 mL

    Drizzler - Hot Mamas - 250 mL


    These tasty drizzlers will be the perfect finishing touch to any meal or dessert. These are new to us this year and we can't wait to try them out!

  • Jelly - Hot Mamas - Pepper 250 mL

    Jelly - Hot Mamas - Pepper 250 mL


    Our popular, fast selling Hot Mamas jelly's are back in stock for Christmas! These delicious jellies come in a range of flavours and make the perfe...

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  • Flowers on a stand

    Flowers on a stand


    White flowers on a wooden white stand, 15" by 11"

  • Straw Bale

    Straw Bale


    23 cm round straw bale tied with jute rope

  • Handle Seagrass Basket

    Handle Seagrass Basket

    from $49.99

    Green and black sea grass basket with handles. 2 sizes to choose from

  • Birdhouse Straw

    Birdhouse Straw

    from $29.99

    Straw birdhouse with flowers

  • Mug with Text

    Mug with Text


    Coffee mug with I love you and pink hearts

  • Lantern Rattan with Handle

    Lantern Rattan with Handle


    Rattan Lantern with handle 8.7 x 10”  

  • Basket Rectangle with Handle

    Basket Rectangle with Handle

    from $16.99

    woven basket rectangular with wooden handles

  • Tray Straw with 6 Drinking Bottle

    Tray Straw with 6 Drinking Bottle


    Tiki hut serving tray with bottles with lids and straws 8.3x7.5x7.1"

  • Lantern Rattan w/Glass

    Lantern Rattan w/Glass

    from $69.99

    Rattan Lantern with Glass 34cm  

  • Chicken Feathered

    Chicken Feathered


    Feathered Chicken 30cm

  • Rabbit 8.5 cm Natural

    Rabbit 8.5 cm Natural


    Natural coloured Rabbits

  • Elephant Red 25cm
    Save $129.99

    Elephant Red 25cm

    Original price $199.99
    Current price $70.00

    Elephant Red 9.4x16.9x9.8"

  • Bird House Planter

    Bird House Planter


    Bird House shaped like planter

  • Animals Easter

    Animals Easter


    Easter Animals 12 cm Size: 4” long 5” high 2” deep

  • Animals Easter

    Animals Easter


    animals Easter 18 cm  Size:  6” long 8” height  4” deep

  • Animals Easter Natural

    Animals Easter Natural


    Easter Animals Natural 14 cm

  • Elephant Stand

    Elephant Stand


    Plant stand Elephant 4.5x9.4x7.3"

  • Plant with Animal Pot

    Plant with Animal Pot


    gold coloured animal with faux plant

  • Elephant



    Elephant 4.7x9.8x7.1"

  • Elephant



    Elephant 6.9x13.8x10.2"

  • Bird Cage Square Black

    Bird Cage Square Black

    from $59.99

    powder coated iron bird cage