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Live Plants

Our current collection of fresh plant material

Yes! You can purchase live plants on our webshop!
Please bring in your Order confirmation when picking up your products. Please allow 24 hours for order completion. 

  • A Touch  of Dutch Plant Club

    A Touch of Dutch Plant Club


    Join our Monthly Fresh Plant Club today! customers will receive a box of fresh, seasonal live plants and related items every other month! Boxes are...

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  • African Violet

    African Violet


    Beautiful African violet plant available in 4” and two 2” varieties.

  • Air Plant - $11.99

    Air Plant - $11.99


    This gorgeous red air plant is beautiful for any indoor space.

  • Air Plant - $21.99

    Air Plant - $21.99


    This gorgeous trailing air plant is an amazing feat to behold.

  • Air Plant - $26.99

    Air Plant - $26.99


    These amazing air plants are a little different from the rest and create a fun look to any indoor garden.

  • Air Plant - $31.99

    Air Plant - $31.99


    This big curly air plant is sure to catch you eye!

  • Air Plant - $9.99

    Air Plant - $9.99


    These colourful air plants are perfect for any indoor living space.

  • Air Plants $19.99 # 35573

    Air Plants $19.99 # 35573


    Air plants are easy to care requiring only a light misting weekly. Tillandsia  please choose from the selection below. 

  • Albuca Frizzle Sizzle

    Albuca Frizzle Sizzle


    This find curly plant is great for any indoor garden.  Available in 4” size

  • Aloe Vera Plant

    Aloe Vera Plant

    from $8.99

    This plant is a miracle worker. The gel inside the plants stalks can help heal minor burns and scrapes, conditions hair, and nourishes skin. Just c...

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  • Angelonia


    from $5.99

      Top thriller pick for containers heat tolerant  self cleaning great for cut flowers  grow 18-36" tall  

  • Anthurium


    from $14.99

    Air Purifier Anthuriums need a high light but not direct sunlight. Water your anthurium thoroughly, but allow it to dry slightly between waterings...

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  • Argotis ‘ Green Twist’ trailing bamboo

    Argotis ‘ Green Twist’ trailing bamboo


    This bushy grass Like variety resembles bamboo with a healthy looking unique Vining have it green twist must be kept well watered during hot spouse...

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  • Artichoke - Jerusalem
    Sold out

    Artichoke - Jerusalem


    For best results dig soil in Autumn. 10” height Harvest Late Summer   

  • Asparagus - Mary Washington
    Sold out

    Asparagus - Mary Washington

    from $1.89

    Asparagus - Mary Washington - Garden Giant Height : 1,5m (5') Bloom Time : Summer 8 bulbs per package or seed packets 

  • Asparagus-Jersey Knight
    Sold out

    Asparagus-Jersey Knight


    Harvest late spring  5 bulbs per package 

  • Aster - Seed packets

    Aster - Seed packets


    Here is a listing of all of the aster varieties from McKenzie seeds. 

  • Aubretia Audrey Red and Purple Mix
    Sold out

    Aubretia Audrey Red and Purple Mix


    Listing for mckenzie seeds aubretia audrey red and purple mix

  • Avocado Tree

    Avocado Tree


    Grow your Own Avocado tree  today! 15 Gallon size - ( these babies are big and ready to produce fruit this year!)  Avocado is easy to grow and tast...

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  • Azalea - indoor florist Azalea.

    Azalea - indoor florist Azalea.

    from $14.99

    We will do our best to match your colour requests. Please indicate if you are looking for white, red, pink or purple in the comments. Botanical Nam...

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  • Bachelor Button Blue Boy - Seed packet
    Sold out

    Bachelor Button Blue Boy - Seed packet


    Packet of McKenzie seeds bachelor button blue boy

  • Balfour Aralia

    Balfour Aralia


    Sometimes called dinner plate aralia, the leaves can grow to be 2" in diameter. Available in a  4"pot. Light: bright light with some direct sun Hei...

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  • Sold out

    Banana Plant

    from $24.99

    Great tropicals  perfect for part sun locations or as a thriller element in seasonal planters. 

  • Beet plants 4” pot size
    Sold out

    Beet plants 4” pot size


    Fresh potted vegetables