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tree trimmings
  • Ornament - Assorted Animals

    Ornament - Assorted Animals


    8 different cartoon-looking animals

  • Ornament - Brown Sequin Foam

    Ornament - Brown Sequin Foam


    Foam ornament with dark brown sequins.

  • Ornament - Gold Foam Baubles

    Ornament - Gold Foam Baubles


    Golden glittered foam baubles with a mosiac-look.

  • Picks - Ball Burst

    Picks - Ball Burst


    Decorate your tree with these shiny decorative ball burst pick!

  • Ornament - 3 Glass Leaves

    Ornament - 3 Glass Leaves


    3 Green glass leaves dipped in gold glitter.

  • Ornament -  Golden w/Leaves

    Ornament - Golden w/Leaves


    Sparkly glass bauble with champacge coloured glitter and golden glittered leaves aroung the center.

  • Ornament - Gold w/Writing

    Ornament - Gold w/Writing


    Gold/Brown glass ornaments with Ho Ho Ho and Christmas written on them in gold   *top seller

  • Ornament - Brown w/Gold Foil

    Ornament - Brown w/Gold Foil


    Brown and beige glass baubles with golden foil around the bottom and a charm on the top.

  • Ornament - Brown w/Gold Detailing

    Ornament - Brown w/Gold Detailing


    Brown and beige baubles with gold pinecone print with snowflakes.

  • Ornaments - Brown w/Animal Print

    Ornaments - Brown w/Animal Print


    Brown and beige ornaments with black glittered animal print.

  • Ornament - White Bauble w/Leaves

    Ornament - White Bauble w/Leaves


    White baubles with silver dainty leaves, hung by white ribbon.

  • Ornament - Unicorn White/Pink

    Ornament - Unicorn White/Pink


    These cute little unicorn ornaments are covered in glitter and ready to add some cuteness to your Christmas tree! They are approx 8cm diameter.   T...

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  • 8" decorative tree

    8" decorative tree


    Plastic pine tree with pime cones and a fabric base

  • 10" Decorative greenery

    10" Decorative greenery


    10" artificial greens  with pine cones

  • 18" Christmas tree

    18" Christmas tree


    Artificial Christmas tree with berries and pine cones 12’. 

  • Ornament - Pink w/Deer and Bird

    Ornament - Pink w/Deer and Bird


    Blush pink ornament with bird and deer featuring beautiful pastel colours.

  • Ornament - Ball w/Leaves

    Ornament - Ball w/Leaves


    Creme coloured ornaments with brown/gold leaves and glitter.

  • Ornament - Gold/Red w/Glitter

    Ornament - Gold/Red w/Glitter


    Shatter-proof red and gold ornaments with gold and green glitter hung on gold thread

  • Ornament - Star Silver
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    Ornament - Star Silver

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    Shatter-proof silver star hung by a silver string.

  • Ornament - Gnome w/Mushroom

    Ornament - Gnome w/Mushroom


    Shatter-proof ornament of gnome Santa carrying a mushroom, and with a mushroom in a wheelbarrow.

  • Ornament - Clock Wooden w/Glitter

    Ornament - Clock Wooden w/Glitter


    Shatter-proof cuckoo clock ornament with glitter.

  • Ornament - Green Ball w/Gold Cap

    Ornament - Green Ball w/Gold Cap


    Green ornament w/gold cap, white stripes, and glittered branches with red berries, 3.1" diameter.

  • Ornament - Pink Ball w/Lace Flower

    Ornament - Pink Ball w/Lace Flower


    Shatterproof pink ornament with a lace flower and gold detailing, 3.1" diameter.

  • Ornament - Fairy - Gold

    Ornament - Fairy - Gold


    Decorative plastic gold fairy ornament with either matte or glitter finish. Includes gold wire hanger. Size: dia13x30cm

  • Ornament - Ball - Leaf

    Ornament - Ball - Leaf


    Decorative foam ornament with leaf design. Includes hanger. Colour: Mustard, Eucalyptus, Rosewood Size: 8cm dia 

  • Ornament - Iron Shape - Bell/Angel

    Ornament - Iron Shape - Bell/Angel


    Decorative ornament with iron bell or angel and beaded drop design. Includes gold organza ribbon hanger. Size: 1.5x4x15 cm

  • Ornament - Pinecone - Bundle

    Ornament - Pinecone - Bundle


    Glass decorative ornament with pine cone bundles. Includes organza ribbon hanger. Available in red, gold Size: 2.5x6cm (gold or red)

  • Ornament - Ball - Flower Dot

    Ornament - Ball - Flower Dot


    Glass decorative ornament with dotted flower design. White with multi coloured dotted flower. Includes white organza ribbon hanger. Size: 8cm dia 

  • Ornament - Ball - Poinsettia

    Ornament - Ball - Poinsettia


    Glass decorative ornament with poinsettia design. Includes gold wire hanger. Style: Poinsettia, Wreath, Holly Berry Size: 6cm dia 

  • Ornament - Ball - Graphic Ballont

    Ornament - Ball - Graphic Ballont


    Glass decorative ornament with graphic ballont. Includes gold organza ribbon hanger. Colours: Bluestone, Warm Beige, and Rosewood Size: 8cm dia 

  • Ornament - Ball - Halfway Snowflakes

    Ornament - Ball - Halfway Snowflakes


    Glass decorative ornament with halfway colour and snowflakes. Includes ribbon hanger. Styles: Flowers, Snowflakes, and Stars-Snowflakes Size: 8cm dia

  • Ornament - Ball - Ginkgo

    Ornament - Ball - Ginkgo


    Glass decorative ornament with matt background and glitter ginkgo pattern. Colours: Black, Warm Beige, and Rosewood Size: 8cm dia

  • Ornament - Ball - Decorative Baube

    Ornament - Ball - Decorative Baube


    Decorative Bauble Ornament, Shatter Proof Colours: Silver-Turquoise, Turquoise, Red, Silver-Red Size: dia 8 cm