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Pots and Planters

Pots and planters 

  • White Pot w/ Saucer

    White Pot w/ Saucer

    from $9.99

    Pot with saucer, hole for drainage, approx. 4”

  • Tribal pot w/ saucer

    Tribal pot w/ saucer

    from $3.99

    Pot w/ saucer with hole for drainage. Approx. 4” and 2”. 

  • Pot - Painted Animals

    Pot - Painted Animals


    Assorted animal pots with no drainage. 

  • Pot Cement 4”

    Pot Cement 4”


    Cement pots with drainage holes on the bottom, approx 4”. 

  • Pot Stoneware Flower

    Pot Stoneware Flower

    from $12.99

    Pot stoneware flower, no drainage. 

  • Elephant Planter

    Elephant Planter


    Large elephant shaped planter for indoor or outdoor use holds a 6 inch pot available in two colours   27x22x26cm  

  • Pot with Birds

    Pot with Birds

    from $14.99

    Dolomite pot with birds is available in three sizes and two colours  

  • Pot Hanging Bird

    Pot Hanging Bird


    Hanging Bird Pot in three colours, pink, dark green, light green. 6.7x10.2x6.3"

  • Pot Terracotta Assorted colours

    Pot Terracotta Assorted colours

    from $9.99

    Terracotta pots in two sizes assorted colours.

  • Water hyacinth planter table

    Water hyacinth planter table


    Rattan basket 10" water hyacinth planter table

  • Handle Seagrass Basket

    Handle Seagrass Basket

    from $49.99

    Green and black sea grass basket with handles. 2 sizes to choose from

  • Rattan Hanging Tray

    Rattan Hanging Tray

    from $39.99

    Rattan/Bamboo hanging tray comes in 2 sizes

  • Pot Terracotta Snail

    Pot Terracotta Snail

    from $19.99

    Snail Terracotta pot is available in two colors and sizes  

  • Balcony Planter Iron Pot

    Balcony Planter Iron Pot


    dia6.1x5.8" Balcony Planter Iron Pot

  • Pot Porcelain Gold

    Pot Porcelain Gold

    from $9.99

    Gold Porcelain pot

  • Pot Terracotta Rabbit

    Pot Terracotta Rabbit


    Rabbit pots in terracotta 4.9x6.3x3.9"

  • Pot Terracotta Animal

    Pot Terracotta Animal


    Animal Pot Terracotta

  • Pot Terracotta off white with cactus
    Sold out

    Pot Terracotta off white with cactus

    from $8.99

    Cactus print pot in terracotta  

  • Flower Pot

    Flower Pot


    This flower shape pot is made to hang on a wall it is 7 inches tall and 7 1/2 inches wide you can choose from pink or green

  • Iron Washtub

    Iron Washtub

    from $149.99

    one of our top selling planters 

  • Chatham Pot Medium

    Chatham Pot Medium


    7 inch chatham pot with attached saucer. Comes in 6 colors

  • Chatham Pot Small

    Chatham Pot Small


    Chatham pot, 5.5 inches comes in 6 colors

  • Hanging basket drip tray

    Hanging basket drip tray


    Protect your floors with this 12 inch hanging basket drip tray. Pot not included 

  • Pot - Funky Monkey

    Pot - Funky Monkey


    A great looking 3" gold colored pot shaped like a monkeys head perfect for small plants such as succulents and cacti. 

  • 3" Pot with Saucer attached

    3" Pot with Saucer attached


    Our 3" pot with saucer attached featuring a ribbed pottery style from Border Concepts. Perfect for cacti and succulents. See below for our full lis...

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  • Square 3" pot with Saucer Attached

    Square 3" pot with Saucer Attached


    Our crackled pottery style from Border Concepts, perfect for succulents and cacti. See below for our full listing of colors.   

  • Ceramic Pot

    Ceramic Pot

    from $19.99

    These cute ceramic pots has attached rope hanger. 2 sizes to choose from

  • Pot with saucer 3” Bright

    Pot with saucer 3” Bright


    These 3” pots come in a variety of colours. Perfect for your mini tropicals and succulents. It has drainage. 

  • Seagrass Basket

    Seagrass Basket

    from $39.99

    Round Seagrass Baskets, Large is 30 cm, Small is 25 cm

  • Vase Stack Terrarium 8"

    Vase Stack Terrarium 8"


    8" Glass vase stackable terrariums. These terrariums are nice on their own, but look really great when stacked together! Available in 3 colours: cl...

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  • Tin Pots with Embossed Leaf pattern

    Tin Pots with Embossed Leaf pattern

    from $29.99

    Tin pot with plastic liner 

  • Hanging planter pot

    Hanging planter pot

    from $39.99

    Three sizes of rustic steel planter pots

  • Rabbit Vase

    Rabbit Vase


    Ceramic bunny vase   Size:  2” wide  3” height  1” deep

  • Pot - Terracotta

    Pot - Terracotta

    from $2.99

    Terra-cotta pots are the gold standard in garden pots. timeless look  breathable material and great pricing.  Choose from Traditional Italian clay,...

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  • Terrarium with Glass bottom

    Terrarium with Glass bottom

    from $29.99

    Metal house frame terrarium with glass base 

  • Pot  square with hand painted Cacti

    Pot square with hand painted Cacti


    Square glass pots perfect for cactus! can also a be used as a candle holder.