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Pots and Planters

Pots and planters 

  • Hanging Glass Terrarium

    Hanging Glass Terrarium

    from $9.99

    Hanging glass terrariums are perfect for displaying air plants. They can also be hooked together! Listing is for one glass terrarium, choose betwee...

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  • Tin Pots with Embossed Leaf pattern

    Tin Pots with Embossed Leaf pattern

    from $29.99

    Tin pot with plastic liner 

  • Cat Pots

    Cat Pots


    Plant pots with cat faces. 

  • Ceramic Pot

    Ceramic Pot


    Small ceramic pot with a relaxed face. Two colours available 

  • Tea Pot Planter

    Tea Pot Planter


    Ceramic tea pot planter with saucer

  • Planter Balcony

    Planter Balcony

    from $29.99

    Poly rattan Balcony Planter Large Planter is 42 cm Small Planter is 38 cm

  • White Vase

    White Vase


    White ceramic vase with a lavender drawing 

  • Rabbit Vase

    Rabbit Vase


    Ceramic bunny vase

  • Pot - Terracotta

    Pot - Terracotta

    from $2.99

    Terra-cotta pots are the gold standard in garden pots. timeless look  breathable material and great pricing.  Choose from Traditional Italian clay,...

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  • Vase frosted Hydrangea
    Sold out

    Vase frosted Hydrangea


    6”  glass vase each side is a different colour

  • Vase Pink Floral

    Vase Pink Floral


    Glass vase  large 

  • Terrarium with Glass bottom

    Terrarium with Glass bottom

    from $29.99

    Metal house frame terrarium with glass base 

  • Glass Angle Jar

    Glass Angle Jar


    Perfect for use as a planter Terrarium or candleholder 7x6.6”

  • Test Tube Rooting Vessels_Glass

    Test Tube Rooting Vessels_Glass


    Glass jars reminiscent of test tubes in a lab perfect for starting cuttings, displaying cut flowers  13.5” 

  • Terrarium Jar with topper

    Terrarium Jar with topper

    from $29.99

    Beautiful glass planting jar perfect for air plants  fairy gardens terrariums and succulents.  *top seller 

  • Pot  square with hand painted Cacti

    Pot square with hand painted Cacti


    Square glass pots perfect for cactus! can also a be used as a candle holder. 

  • Planter Glass with macrame hanger

    Planter Glass with macrame hanger


    Beaded macrame planter with glass pot  jar is 6” x 6”  

  • Narwhale/whale/fish pot

    Narwhale/whale/fish pot


    narwhale/whale/fish pots, plants sold separate.

  • pot woodland Animal

    pot woodland Animal


    4" L x 3.5" W x 2" H  

  • Pot - spring time.

    Pot - spring time.


    Super cute 4 inch cachet pot ceramic please choose from one of the three styles listed

  • Pot Weiner Dog white
    Sold out

    Pot Weiner Dog white

    Original price $69.99
    Current price $20.00

    Planter dog. Plant opening is 4”x 8” 

  • Pot Little Fox

    Pot Little Fox


    Ceramic Fox Pot. 

  • Pot Puffer Fish

    Pot Puffer Fish


    Ceramic Puffer Fish pot 

  • Sloth Pot
    Sold out

    Sloth Pot

    Original price $29.99
    Current price $12.00

    They adorable sloths are just hanging around waiting for the perfect plant! ceramic pot with rope holds a 5” plant.   

  • Pot - Pink Dream with Legs

    Pot - Pink Dream with Legs


    These cute little pots have a blush pink top with a black and white bottom in three different designs: horizontal stripe, vertical stripe, and polk...

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  • Pot - Faces Winking

    Pot - Faces Winking


    These small white pots have three different face designs and give a little bit of personality to your plants. Please indicate which style option yo...

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  • Hanging Tray Wood Grey

    Hanging Tray Wood Grey


    This uniquely designed Paulownia wooden plate is hung with macrame hanger and wooden beads and secured with a ring. The wood is natural in colour a...

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  • Pot - Hanging Printed

    Pot - Hanging Printed

    from $19.99

    These terra cotta hanging planters are the perfect addition to your indoor garden! The pots are hung with rope and include a floral pattern. Availa...

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  • Planter - Children Riding Tractor

    Planter - Children Riding Tractor


    This adorable little planter features statuary children riding a tractor. It is sure to be a great addition to your garden. Size: 27.5x42x38 cm

  • Planter - Classic White with Legs

    Planter - Classic White with Legs

    from $79.99

    These classic white planters give a very streamlined look and let your plants really stand out. With a rectangular design on wooden legs it is a pl...

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  • Pot - Decorative Owls

    Pot - Decorative Owls


    The fibreclay planter owls are a cute way to add some animal life to your indoor planting area. Includes a drainage hole and is available in two co...

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  • Pot - Terracotta Decoration

    Pot - Terracotta Decoration


    These delightful terracotta pots come in very fun colours: yellow, pink, or floral design. They are sure to bring a pop of colour to your indoor ga...

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  • Pot - Fiberglass on Feet

    Pot - Fiberglass on Feet

    from $89.99

    A cute fiberglass planter on pine wood feet. Available in two sizes and either black or orange. Dimensions: dia32x54 cm dia28x45 cm

  • Pot - Fiber Clay with Hanger

    Pot - Fiber Clay with Hanger

    from $39.99

    These cute chute rope hanging Fiber clay pots may the perfect addition to any home area. Includes drainage hole. Available in 30x30x12cm or 24x24x10cm

  • Pot 4” Ceramic Naturals

    Pot 4” Ceramic Naturals


    Ready, set, grow. Even if you don't have a green thumb, you'll be unable to resist these 3 ceramic pots each with a unique natural design. This set...

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  • Rooting Vessels

    Rooting Vessels

    from $39.99

    Glass jars on modern stands perfect for starting cuttings  size 12” (approx)