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  • Pea and Bean trellis mesh.
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    Pea and Bean trellis mesh.


    Pea and bean trellis  UV protected  Extra Strong Reusable year after year   60” x 18’

  • Jute trellis netting
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    Jute trellis netting


    About this item NEW natural jute material is biodegradable and compostable Soft Jute material is easy to use and is a great natural choice I...

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  • Velcro Garden Ties
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    Velcro Garden Ties


    Description Velcro Plant Ties wrap onto itself for secure hold. The easy way to stake and train plants with out knots. Perfect for staking toma...

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  • Vine and Veggie Trellis
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    Vine and Veggie Trellis


    Trellis Netting 5' x 10'

  • Soft Wire ties 8"
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    Soft Wire ties 8"


    Heavy plants, vines or vegetation with heavy fruit can be secured with Soft Wire Ties. Use these precut ties, which are shielded with a rubber-like...

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  • Light and moisture meter
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    Light and moisture meter


    Rapitest Light and Moisture Meter, complete instructions for testing and a light and watering guide with special needs table for over 150 plants.No...

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  • Tomato Cage Metal

    Tomato Cage Metal

    from $4.99

    Tomato cage supports for your tomatoes and other climbing plants available in two different sizes, 42x14” and 12x33” 

  • Plant Clips
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    Plant Clips


    Rapiclip plant clips attach plant stems to the supports quick and easily.

  • Plant Twists And Clips

    Plant Twists And Clips


    This rapiclip twist and clip come in the 30 clips per pack. These twist and clips will clip plants to canes and wires. Rapiclip twist and clip The...

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  • Vinyl stretch ties 1”
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    Vinyl stretch ties 1”


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Great for training and supporting your plants Useful in the yard and garden Expands with the growth of your plant 150 foot ex...

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  • Instant Tunnel Cloche

    Instant Tunnel Cloche


    Product Description: Whether you're extending your harvest into the fall or getting an early start for spring vegetables, this handy tunnel create...

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  • Ladder - Trellis

    Ladder - Trellis


    Firwood ladder trellis available in white, cool grey, and nude.  Size: 3.5x43x120 cm

  • Weather Vane with Obelisk

    Weather Vane with Obelisk


    Tall white garden trellis/spinner with rooster design weather vane top and cut-out detailing. Dimensions: 9.3x9.3x57.5" Materials: Iron.

  • Trellis Peacock

    Trellis Peacock


     Weathered brown garden trellis with cut-out peacock design accents. Double pronged. 2 Assorted Designs.  Please indicate which style(s) when orde...

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  • Trellis Farm Animal

    Trellis Farm Animal


    Tall black garden trellis with farm animal design accent, and cut-out detailing. Double pronged. 3 Assorted Designs: Rooster w/Sunrise. Cow. Pig. ...

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  • Trellis Nature Design

    Trellis Nature Design


    Tall black helix design garden trellis with nature design accents and leaf design detailing. Triple pronged. 3 Assorted Designs: Butterflies, Bird...

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  • Trellis Rooster Metal

    Trellis Rooster Metal


    Tall brown garden trellis with black, white, and red rooster design accent, and farm design detailing. 2 Assorted Designs: Rooster w/Barn, Rooster...

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  • Garden Stake - Spinner Nature Design
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    Garden Stake - Spinner Nature Design


    Tall black double pronged garden stake with brightly colored spinner accent. 3 Assorted Designs: Butterflies, Dragonflies, Hummingbirds. Please in...

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