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Tropical potted live plants

  • Donkey Tail - Sedum 4”

    Donkey Tail - Sedum 4”

    from $7.79

    Sedum Burrito, also known as Burro's Tail or Donkey's Tail Succulent, is native to Mexico. It is an easy-to-grow perennial succulent and can tolera...

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  • Dracena


    from $7.99

    Dracena’s make an excellent low to medium light houseplant, and come in all shapes and sizes, from 6 foot canes to small 4” bush types. Allow top 2...

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  • Dragon Tail (Epipremnum Pinnatum)

    Dragon Tail (Epipremnum Pinnatum)


    Similar to monstera, in the fact that when they are mature they split. Will grow horizontally unless staked. low to medium light, allow top 2 inche...

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  • Dyckia



    Dyckia is in the Bromeliads Family, but rather then smooth leaves and a central flower, Dyckia is known for its large spikes on the leaves. They pr...

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  • Earth Star Ruby 3”

    Earth Star Ruby 3”


    Cryptanthus bivittatus 'Ruby Star' is a terrestrial Bromeliad with beautifuly pink-tinged foliage. Cryptanthus, commonly called Earth Stars, is a g...

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  • Easter Basket Tropical Planter
    Sold out

    Easter Basket Tropical Planter


    Live plant  season  8” basket

  • Easter Egg mum Pots.
    Sold out

    Easter Egg mum Pots.


    Speckled k he film mould pots filled with an assortment of blooming mums and a hiding bunny. 8” pot with 6” plant. 

  • Easter Lily
    Sold out

    Easter Lily


    Live plant

  • Easter mum with pot pick
    Sold out

    Easter mum with pot pick


    6” potted easter mum 

  • False Aralia

    False Aralia


    Part Sun to Partial Shade easy care

  • Fern Foxtail

    Fern Foxtail

    from $6.99

    Foxtail Ferns are beautiful low light house plants. they work well in annual shade planters  🌤shade loving 💧💧keep moist 

  • Fern- Asparagus.

    Fern- Asparagus.

    from $4.99

    An easy to care for plant perfect for use as a filler in  pots and planters. perfect for shade and part sun locations. 4” pot size. 

  • Ficus / Figs

    Ficus / Figs

    from $6.99

    Light: Fiddle leaf figs or ficus  prefer lots of bright, filtered light. Keep your fiddle leaf fig near a sunny, east-facing window so it can take ...

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  • Ficus Elastica - Rubber Plant
    Sold out

    Ficus Elastica - Rubber Plant

    from $7.99

    These easy to grow plants have large shiny leaves creating a bold accent in any room. Available in 4” and 8”

  • Fish Hooks 8” Hanging Basket

    Fish Hooks 8” Hanging Basket


    Partial Sun Partial Shade

  • Gaultheria


    from $6.99

    These flowering and fruiting shrubs look great at Christmas time, bright light, and allow to dry slightly between waterings 

  • Gerbera
    Sold out


    from $3.99

    We will do our best to match your colour requests. Please indicate if you are looking for white, red, orange, pink or purple in the comments. If yo...

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  • Grinch trees
    Sold out

    Grinch trees


    Cypress trees wrapped in twine with an ornament at the top 

  • Growers Choice Cacti Collection
    Save $10.00

    Growers Choice Cacti Collection

    Original price $50.00
    Current price $40.00

    Growers Choice Collections is a value Pack of Cactus  1-4" Colour Top grafted Cactus and 5 -2" cacti  growers will select the best mix from our inv...

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  • Growers Choice- Herb Collection
    Sold out

    Growers Choice- Herb Collection

    Original price $36.00
    Current price $30.00

    Growers Choice Mix of 6 - 4.5| potted Herbs   selection is made by Dutch growers  no substitutions 

  • Growers Choice- succulent Collection
    Sold out

    Growers Choice- succulent Collection

    Original price $40.00
    Current price $18.00

    this Growers Choice Collections is a value Pack of 2" succulents  each pack contains 8-  2" succulents  mixes will be made of echiveria, and succul...

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  • Growers Choice-Shady Tropical  Collection
    Sold out

    Growers Choice-Shady Tropical Collection


    this Growers Choice Collections is a value Pack of shade loving tropicals   each pack contains 1-  4" and 6-  2"tropical plants   Growers will sele...

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  • Haworthia


    from $5.99

    Very easy to grow Haworthia are a type of succulent that thrive in bright light  pot size 2” or 3” specialties live plant 

  • Hoya plant

    Hoya plant

    from $8.99

    Part Sun to Partial Shade

  • Hydrangea


    from $17.99

    We will do our best to match your colour requests.  Hydrangeas absorb water quickly. Keep the soil of hydrangea plants evenly moist and well draine...

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  • Ivy plants

    Ivy plants

    from $4.99

    Great trailing plant can be used indoors or as a annual in the summer  prefers bright indirect light 🌥 water : medium 💧💧 care level:easy , great fo...

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  • Kalanchoe


    from $2.99

    We will do our best to match your colour requests. Please indicate if you are looking for white, red, orange, pink or purple in the comments. Kal...

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  • Living Stones - Lithops 2”

    Living Stones - Lithops 2”


    Lithops are AWESOME! Lithops aka Living Stones, collection of individual lithops, they come in a 2” plastic containers. Colours of lithops vary bas...

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  • Miniature Foliage Plants

    Miniature Foliage Plants


    Hand selected Assortment of 3 -2” Plants  plants will vary depending on inventory Use it for table top display or Hanging planters, perfect f...

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  • Miniature spruce

    Miniature spruce

    from $12.99

    These little trees make a great Christmas addition 

  • Mixed Fern Hanging Basket.
    Sold out

    Mixed Fern Hanging Basket.


    A delightful mix of tropical ferns perfect for low light areas. pot size -12”.  ferns are growers choice. 

  • Mixed Fern Planter
    Sold out

    Mixed Fern Planter


    A stunning mixed of ferns in a 12" Planter. These planters are great for low light areas

  • Money Tree (Pachira)

    Money Tree (Pachira)


    These cute trees are a great new look and addition to any indoor garden. Size 4”

  • Narwhale/whale/fish pot

    Narwhale/whale/fish pot


    narwhale/whale/fish pots, plants sold separate.

  • Norfolk Island Pine Tree

    Norfolk Island Pine Tree

    from $14.99

    Indoor Houseplant perfect for Holiday decorating Norforks enjoy indirect light conditions and like to be kept evenly moist In store Pick up Only 3 ...

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  • Orange Citrus Tree
    Sold out

    Orange Citrus Tree

    from $39.99

    Grow your Own Citrus plants in your yard and home today! 5 Gallon size - Citrus is easy to grow and taste so great! Each plant will produce fruit t...

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