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Tropical potted live plants

  • String of Hearts
    Sold out

    String of Hearts

    from $12.99

    This gorgeous trailing tropical produces cute heart shaped leaves. Available in 4” and 6” Hanging Basket

  • Succulents - Sedum 4" pot 22798

    Succulents - Sedum 4" pot 22798


    Attached are photos and listings for our 4” Sedum the annual succulents listed are grown for their unique colors - they are perfect for use in annu...

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  • Lipstick Plant

    Lipstick Plant

    from $6.99

    Part Sun to Partial Shade Available 4”, 6” hanging basket, and 10” hanging basket

  • Air Plant - 13.99

    Air Plant - 13.99

    from $9.99

    These colourful air plants will brighten up any indoor garden.

  • Fern- Asparagus.

    Fern- Asparagus.

    from $4.99

    An easy to care for plant perfect for use as a filler in  pots and planters. perfect for shade and part sun locations. 4” pot size. 

  • Oxalis 4”
    Sold out

    Oxalis 4”

    from $6.99

    Historically thought to bring good luck, Shamrocks are very popular on St. Patrick's Day. These plants can be green or purple, with white or pink f...

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  • Hoya - Hindu Rope Plant
    Sold out

    Hoya - Hindu Rope Plant


    One look at this bizarre plant and you'll understand why it's one of our all time favorite Hoyas. It has twisted, waxy leaves that emerge on long r...

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  • Orange Citrus Tree
    Sold out

    Orange Citrus Tree

    from $39.99

    Grow your Own Citrus plants in your yard and home today! 5 Gallon size - Citrus is easy to grow and taste so great! Each plant will produce fruit t...

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  • Open house succulent planters.

    Open house succulent planters.

    from $19.99

    Come in three sizes price reflects the sale!!!  5 plants for 39.99 4 plants for 29.99 3 plants for 19.99

  • Hoya plant
    Sold out

    Hoya plant


    Part Sun to Partial Shade

  • String of Dolphins Succulents

    String of Dolphins Succulents

    from $9.99

    News and oh so cool! low maintenance succulent requiring very little water. 

  • Donkey Tail - Sedum 4”

    Donkey Tail - Sedum 4”

    from $12.99

    Sedum Burrito, also known as Burro's Tail or Donkey's Tail Succulent, is native to Mexico. It is an easy-to-grow perennial succulent and can tolera...

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  • Money Tree (Pachira)
    Sold out

    Money Tree (Pachira)


    These cute trees are a great new look and addition to any indoor garden. Size 4”

  • Zamioculcas “ZZ” Plant

    Zamioculcas “ZZ” Plant

    from $29.99

    Beautiful and elegant indoor plant that easily tolerates low light level. Super easy to grow! Medium to bright. Tolerates low light level for long ...

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  • Growers Choice- Herb Collection
    Sold out

    Growers Choice- Herb Collection

    Original price $36.00
    Current price $30.00

    Growers Choice Mix of 6 - 4.5| potted Herbs   selection is made by Dutch growers  no substitutions 

  • Palm Tree - Majesty or Aracea
    Sold out

    Palm Tree - Majesty or Aracea


    Palm trees are great indoor plants. they also make great additions to part sun summer planters. palms are easy to care for too.   

  • Albuca Frizzle Sizzle

    Albuca Frizzle Sizzle


    This find curly plant is great for any indoor garden.  Available in 4” size

  • Hydrangea


    from $29.99

    We will do our best to match your colour requests.  Hydrangeas absorb water quickly. Keep the soil of hydrangea plants evenly moist and well draine...

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  • Coffee Plant

    Coffee Plant


    Bright indirect light houseplant max height 5 feet max width 3 feet

  • Hoya - Sweetheart 4”

    Hoya - Sweetheart 4”


    Open up your heart and let the fresh green love of this houseplant pour into every crevice. Too cute for only one person, this plant is meant to be...

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  • pepperomia watermelon
    Sold out

    pepperomia watermelon


    Part Sun to Partial Shade pet friendly 

  • Growers Choice-Shady Tropical  Collection

    Growers Choice-Shady Tropical Collection


    this Growers Choice Collections is a value Pack of shade loving tropicals   each pack contains 1-  4" and 6-  2"tropical plants   Growers will sele...

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  • Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Fiddle Leaf Fig

    from $29.99

    Light: Fiddle leaf figs or ficus  prefer lots of bright, filtered light. Keep your fiddle leaf fig near a sunny, east-facing window so it can take ...

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  • Some Bunny Loves You Planter
    Sold out

    Some Bunny Loves You Planter


    Live plants  4” pot included