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Tropical potted live plants

  • Succulent String of Pearls

    Succulent String of Pearls

    from $12.99

    String of Pearls are the most sought after succulent in our collection . These plants are great for planters, hanging baskets, terrariums and make ...

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  • Pothos


    from $9.99

    For pre order at this time. 

  • Air Plant - $5.99

    Air Plant - $5.99


    These colourful air plants will liven up any indoor garden.

  • Spider Plant
    Sold out

    Spider Plant

    from $4.99

    These unique plants are of the trailing variety and cast off little trailing spider plants as it grows.  Available in 4” and 8” hanging basket

  • Haworthia


    from $6.99

    Very easy to grow Haworthia are a type of succulent that thrive in bright light  pot size 2” or 3” specialties live plant 

  • African Violet

    African Violet


    Beautiful African violet plant available in 4” and two 2” varieties.

  • Goldfish Plant

    Goldfish Plant

    from $6.99

    A really fun goldfish plant for your indoor garden space. Available in 4” and 8” hanging basket.

  • Wandering Jew

    Wandering Jew

    from $3.99

    This gorgeous green variegated leaved plant with purple accent is an excellent addition to any living space. Available in 4” and 8” hanging basket

  • Pot Mum w/Easter Pick
    Sold out

    Pot Mum w/Easter Pick

    from $5.99

    We will do our best to match your colour requests.   Mums' are an old household staple. Try it again. Let a mum make you house feel like home! ...

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  • Gerbera


    from $3.99

    We will do our best to match your colour requests. Please indicate if you are looking for white, red, orange, pink or purple in the comments. If yo...

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  • Aloe Vera Plant

    Aloe Vera Plant

    from $9.99

    This plant is a miracle worker. The gel inside the plants stalks can help heal minor burns and scrapes, conditions hair, and nourishes skin. Just c...

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  • Growers Choice- succulent Collection
    Save $10.00

    Growers Choice- succulent Collection

    Original price $40.00
    Current price $30.00

    this Growers Choice Collections is a value Pack of 2" succulents  each pack contains 8-  2" succulents  mixes will be made of echiveria, and succul...

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  • Succulent - Baby Toes - Mimicry 2”

    Succulent - Baby Toes - Mimicry 2”


    These are a great succulent imitating baby toes! Available in 2”

  • Philodendron monstera - Swiss Cheese Plant 10"
    Sold out

    Philodendron monstera - Swiss Cheese Plant 10"

    from $39.99

    10" Monstera - swiss cheese plant This sophisticated tropical plant is a great statement plant for any home.  *price per unit 

  • Chinese Money Plant - Pilea Pepperomia

    Chinese Money Plant - Pilea Pepperomia

    from $19.99

    Pilea peperomioides is a fun and very easy to grow indoor plant. This popular plant is also known as Chinese Money plant, Missionary plant or Panca...

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  • Ficus Elastica - Rubber Plant

    Ficus Elastica - Rubber Plant

    from $7.99

    These easy to grow plants have large shiny leaves creating a bold accent in any room. Available in 4” and 8”

  • Air Plant - $9.99

    Air Plant - $9.99


    These colourful air plants are perfect for any indoor living space.

  • String of Hearts

    String of Hearts

    from $12.99

    This gorgeous trailing tropical produces cute heart shaped leaves. Available in 4” and 6” Hanging Basket

  • Air Plant - 13.99

    Air Plant - 13.99

    from $9.99

    These colourful air plants will brighten up any indoor garden.

  • Orange Citrus Tree
    Sold out

    Orange Citrus Tree

    from $39.99

    Grow your Own Citrus plants in your yard and home today! 5 Gallon size - Citrus is easy to grow and taste so great! Each plant will produce fruit t...

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  • Open house succulent planters.

    Open house succulent planters.

    from $19.99

    Come in three sizes price reflects the sale!!!  5 plants for 39.99 4 plants for 29.99 3 plants for 19.99

  • Fern- Asparagus.

    Fern- Asparagus.

    from $4.99

    An easy to care for plant perfect for use as a filler in  pots and planters. perfect for shade and part sun locations. 4” pot size. 

  • Oxalis 4”

    Oxalis 4”

    from $6.99

    Historically thought to bring good luck, Shamrocks are very popular on St. Patrick's Day. These plants can be green or purple, with white or pink f...

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  • Donkey Tail - Sedum 4”

    Donkey Tail - Sedum 4”

    from $12.99

    Sedum Burrito, also known as Burro's Tail or Donkey's Tail Succulent, is native to Mexico. It is an easy-to-grow perennial succulent and can tolera...

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