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Beehive Style Wasp Trap

SKU 61934
With this small colorful glass wasp trap you can catch a large number of bees. Just remove the cork and add lemonade or sugar water, replace cork and hang from a branch and watch the bees go in and not be able to escape. Assortment of 3 different colors, colors may vary.. During the summer time, wasps can ruin the mood outside when there are sweet things involved. This glass wasp trap will make that a thing of the past. Fill the glass jar with lemonade or vinegar to lure the wasps to the trap. Because of its construction wasps can get in, but they cannot get out. Place the trap at a distance of 10 m (32.8 ft.) to keep the wasps away from you. This wasp trap should be place on a even surface or suspended via the metal loop at the top. Assortment of 4 colours ( green, blue, pink and orange). Easy to clean and fill.