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Guardian for Birch Leaf Miner


(Controls Birch Leafminer, English Mountain Ash Sawfly and Elm Leaf

Wondering why the leaves on your birch tree are suddenly becoming brown?

It may be caused by Birch leafminer, Fenusa pusilla and the early signs of Birch leafminer feeding may have been missed. Early mines appear as light green or whitish discolorations on the leaves. Larvae sometimes can be seen easily when leaves are held up to sunlight, especially as the mines and larvae grow larger. Feeding over several weeks causes the blemish to take on a blister-like appearance. Over the season, the leafminer larva consumes the green tissue between the outer layers of the leaf resulting in browning.

An application of our Birch leafminer Guard in late April to early May as soon as soil temperatures reach 100C (500F) can correct this pest. Treatment in September-early October for overwintering pupae.  NIC nematodes are isolated Canadian Strains that are reared on a live host. They are fresher, more keyed to Canadian pests and 100% organic.

Features:  5 million Treats 50 -100 ft2. (5-10 m2)

SPECIAL NOTES: Application of 5 million nematodes should take approximately 30 minutes to apply using our hose end sprayer