LUG - Snuz Sac Pillow + Blanket

LUG - Snuz Sac Pillow + Blanket

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chocolate brown
grass green
marigold yellow
rose pink
sunset orange

U-turn Ahead! The beloved, best-selling Nap Sac now comes with curve. The u-shaped Snuz Sac pillow gives great support to the neck and head, ensuring comfort during even the longest hauls. Just remove the blanket, inflate the pillow, and slip it into the cover. Travel is no excuse to lose those Zs. Cover and blanket are machine washable.

Available in 6 colors :chocolate brown, grass green, marigold yellow, navy blue, rose pink and sunset orange.

Dimensions : Pillow Case Size: 10.75"W x 7.75"H x 3"D  / Blanket Size: 35"W x 46"H 

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