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Potatoes -Earth Apples

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Earth Apple Potatoes

EarthApples seed potatoes are the new, fun way to plant potatoes. We bring you colourful, versatile potato varieties you can't get anywhere else, and make them super-easy for everyone to grow. Plant EarthApples seed potatoes in a garden bed, on your balcony or patio—practically anywhere with natural light!

Alaska Bloom - Produces high-yields with attractive pinkish eyes.  Perfect for hash-browns, boiling or baking in the oven.

Autumn Rose - is a delicious all purpose, red-skinned, white fleshed potato.  Great for mashing, boiling and home fries!

Cerisa - is a gourmet specialty variety with amazing culinary qualities.  It will grow high numbers of small fingerling baby potatoes!

Gemson - is an early harvest, round shaped variety of white- fleshed, baby potatoes.  Easy to prepare roasted or steamed!

Goldeye - grows high yields of large, yellow-fleshed potatoes with a rich taste and texture.  Works well mashed, boiled, and scalloped!

Jazzy - is an early harvest, baby potato with an amazing taste and texture.  Its thin, skinny smooth skin makes prep work a breeze.

Lady Amarilla - is a large, deep yellow fleshed variety perfect for golden home fries or chips.  Also works well as a baked potato.

Purple Magic - is a stunning, high-yield variety.  These multi-purpose tubers are ideal for chips, roasting, frying or in potato salads.

Red Emmalie - is a lovely gourmet fingerling potato with pink floury flesh.  Use for baking, roasting, boiling and steaming.

Snow Finger - is a productive variety that grows delicious fingerling potatoes.  Perfect for the oven, in salads, or pan fried.