Tea Forté - World of Teas Set Tin

Tea Forté - World of Teas Set Tin



The unique Silken-Tea-Infusers are individually hand crafted, and provide the world's finest method to brew a cup of tea. The open weave of the fabric allows the water to flow freely around the teas, allowing the tea leaves to unfurl and the flavours to mingle in the large open form of the infuser. Only exquisite whole-leaf teas and rough cut herbs are used and the unique design allows the subtle flavours of these fine teas to infuse into the water. It's like brewing a pot of tea in your cup!

Garden to cup... From the world's most beautiful gardens comes these artisan crafted varietals of health enhancing teas. Fresh, sustainably harvested leaves, herbs and spices are rich.
Each Small Tin contains two Tea Forte silken tea infusers. A terrific wedding or party favor, our Small Tin also makes a wonderful "thank you" gift or stocking stuffer.

2 pyramid infusers with one infuser each of the following blends: Bombay Chai, Moroccan Mint.

Blend :
- Moroccan Mint Tea: Cooling and aromatic, this tea blends fragrant Moroccan nana mint leaves and hand-rolled rare gunpowder green tea for a refreshing and heady cup. This steep is delicious hot or as an iced tea
- Bombay Chai : Deliciously aromatic and flavorful blend of black tea and spices found in a traditional Indian masala chai; cardamom, ginger, clove, cinnamon and a hint of anise.

Unwrap the protective cover and stand the infuser in your cup. Pour boiling water in and exquisite tea starts to brew, the infuser maintains its elegant form, and the upward lifted leaf and cotton stem creates a handle. A feast for all the senses, quite possibly the finest, most elegant cup of tea of all time

Please do not microwave the infusers

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