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Pots and Planters

Pots and planters 

  • Elephant Planter

    Elephant Planter


    Large elephant shaped planter for indoor or outdoor use holds a 6 inch pot available in two colours   27x22x26cm  

  • Ceramic Cache pot

    from $12.99

    Multi tonal black and grey ceramic planter 

  • Low bowl


    6” diameter low bowl 

  • Hanging Tray Wood Off White

    Hanging Tray Wood Off White


    Paulownia wood hanging platewith macrame hangerwith wooden beads and ringwood colour brown diameter 15.7x1.2"

  • Pot with Birds

    Pot with Birds

    from $14.99

    Dolomite pot with birds is available in three sizes and two colours  

  • Pot Dog Assorted

    Pot Dog Assorted


    Dolomite dog planter pots in three colours dia3.1x3.9x5.2"

  • Pot Hanging Bird

    Pot Hanging Bird


    Hanging Bird Pot in three colours, pink, dark green, light green. 6.7x10.2x6.3"

  • Pot Terracotta Assorted colours

    Pot Terracotta Assorted colours

    from $9.99

    Terracotta pots in two sizes assorted colours.

  • Pot Fibre Hanging Green

    Pot Fibre Hanging Green

    from $39.99

    Hanging fibre pot with leaf design  available in two sizes.

  • Pot Plastic with dots

    Pot Plastic with dots

    from $9.99

    These plastic pots come in three colours and three sizes

  • Pot Black and White with legs

    Pot Black and White with legs


    Pot on Legs white with stripes and dots dia5.2x6"

  • Pot Fiber Glass white with Legs

    Pot Fiber Glass white with Legs

    from $79.99

    Fiber glass pot on pine wood legs with leaf pattern.  Two sizes available.

  • Pot Pitcher with Flower

    Pot Pitcher with Flower


    Pot is Pitcher Shaped with romantic folklore design flowers with green and off white background. 5.1x6.3x5.5"

  • Pot Terracotta Flower

    Pot Terracotta Flower

    from $9.99

    Romantic Folklore floral design on green and off white background in three sizes

  • Pot terracotta assorted

    Pot terracotta assorted

    from $19.99

    Pot Terracotta Assorted three sizes two colours  

  • Pot Buddha Head 36 cm Brown

    Pot Buddha Head 36 cm Brown


    Buddha Head Pot in brown, two styles available

  • Pot Buddha Head Grey 36cm

    Pot Buddha Head Grey 36cm


    Buddha Head Planter two different designs  

  • Water hyacinth planter table

    Water hyacinth planter table


    Rattan basket 10" water hyacinth planter table

  • Firewood planter

    Firewood planter

    from $99.99

    Firewood planter with iron frame. 2 sizes to choose from

  • Handle Seagrass Basket

    Handle Seagrass Basket

    from $49.99

    Green and black sea grass basket with handles. 2 sizes to choose from

  • Rattan Hanging Tray

    Rattan Hanging Tray

    from $39.99

    Rattan/Bamboo hanging tray comes in 2 sizes

  • Hanging Bird pot

    Hanging Bird pot


    White hanging bird pot

  • Stoneware Pot

    Stoneware Pot

    from $39.99

    Green and white stoneware pot with wooden stand 3 sizes to choose from

  • Cactus Pot

    Cactus Pot


    11 cm porcelain cactus pot