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Fritillaria Meleagris Alba - 5 Pack

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The delicate, pendulous blooms of Fritillaria meleagris are one of the joys of spring. Increase their impact by choosing pure white Fritillaria meleagris 'Alba' that allows these ethereal flowers to stand out proudly from the crowd. Add interest to natural-look flower meadows, use them as an edging for beds to highlight, taller, brightly-coloured blooms or plant them in generous drifts where their snowy whiteness reminds you that winter has passed at last.

The bubs can re-flower year after year, so your white Fritillaria meleagris 'Alba' or snake's head fritillary are sure to become a signature component of your spring flower garden!

  • Height- 8-12"
  • Lighting- Partial shade/ full sun
  • Deer resistant 
  • It takes at least 10 bulbs to make a show. Plant 6” apart and 3” deep.