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Grass Seed = Back Lawn prairie Blend


Preparation: For new lawns, till the soil to a depth of 10-15 cm (4-6 in.) Rake level and roll soil with a roller.

Seeding a new lawn: Sow seed with a spreader or by hand. Seed at 2.2 kg/100 m2 (or 5 lbs/1,000 sq.ft.). Spread half of the seed in one direction and half in the opposite direction. Cover the seed by raking to a maximum depth of ½ cm (¼ in.). Roll the area carefully to press the seed into firm contact with the soil. To promote good seed germination, keep the newly seeded area moist at all times by watering lightly, but frequently. For best results, use Country Green™ Seed & Sod Starter 16-32-6 Fertilizer at time of seeding.

Overseeding an existing lawn: Power-rake lawn to remove thatch layer (optional). Seed at 3 kg/100 m2 (7 lbs/1,000 sq.ft.). A higher overseeding rate will ensure uniformly thick establishment, thereby suppressing weeds. After seeding, brush or rake lightly to cause the seed to fall into contact with the soil. Keep the newly seeded area moist by watering lightly, but frequently until seedlings are well established. Follow with a regular lawn maintenance program.

Maintenance: Mow as needed. Use Country Green™ slow release fertilizer in spring, summer and fall. This will promote a healthy, disease-free lawn.