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Iris Dwarf Natasha

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Dwarf Iris Natasha

Bright white petals with lashings of gold and blue.

Dwarf Iris ‘Natasha’ are hardy bulbs that will tolerate frost, full sun to semi shade and any well drained soil. Plant around 8cm deep and space 5cm apart.

Water in well, then only if rainfall is low during growth. The bulbs don’t need to be lifted and can be left in the ground to naturalise. The bulbs are small, so mark the spot so you don’t lose them!

Fertilise Dwarf Iris ‘Natasha’ with the flower in spring with a high potassium or liquid fertiliser.

They look wonderful in a rockery, pot or towards the front of a garden bed. You get one flower per bulb so they are best planted in clumps.

✅ For best results plant with MYKE vegetable growth inoculant