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Mosquito-Less 900ml Concentrate

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A natural concentrated Garlic Oil product to repel mosquitoes from your outdoor living area. Simply mix with water.

MOSQUITO-Less 900ml Concentrate #1253-1. Apply to larger areas of up to 3000 sq. ft. with hose or garden pump sprayer. Ideal for backyard, pool areas, cottage, weddings, RV site, marinas.

Spray Everything!
Trees, Fences, Bushes, Walls , Decks, Screens, Lawn, Garden, Patio, Outdoor Furniture, Pool Deck for best effect. Great for: Cottages, RV and Outdoor Events and the preferred product for Wedding Organizers. Mosquitoes can be up to 10,000 X times more sensitive to natural garlic oil than humans! Most home, cottage owners and Professional Lawn Care applicators traditionally apply about 3 applications of this water based, garlic oil based, 10-year proven, Canadian-made product a season. Garlic oil odour disappears within hours. Safe when used as directed for plants and pets.