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Propagation Cone - Pack of 3 Aluminum Cones for Cuttings

SKU 60518
LIGHTWEIGHT & REUSABLE: These lightweight & durable cones were created to be a reusable accessory for all of your propagation needs. Use this cone to grow larger seeds, pits, or bulbs over water or to showcase any plant cutting with their roots growing in water. HOW TO USE: The Prop cone can transform any glass into a propagation vessel. Place your cone on top of any standard-size drinking glass, rest your sprouted seed/bulb/cutting at the center of the hole and ensure roots are completely submerged in water below. HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Each cone is handcrafted from aluminum so they won't fall over. Just prop them into any glass you own, fill the glass with water and place a plant cutting, avocado seed, or anything that will root in water inside.