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Safer’s Ant and Crawling Powder

SKU 28410

Safer's Ant Killer eliminates ants, silver fish, centipedes, and other insects. The unique patented formula contains amorphous diatomaceous earth, also known as silicon dioxide, which works to kill insects by contact or ingestion, causing dehydration. The process starts working within 48 hours after application. Ant Killer is easy to apply. Simply shake well, open the top cap, hold the bottle at a 45-degree angle, and squeeze. The formula can be used both indoors and out, as long as the weather is dry. Apply in places where insects may be found such as beneath stoves, garbage cans, in attics and basements, and more. Lightly coat the areas where insects are hiding at a rate of 50 G per 10 m². Repeat the treatment if necessary.

  1. Eliminates a variety of insects- ants, cockroaches, silver fish, earwigs, crickets, millipedes, and centipedes.
  1. Includes a patented bait formula that kills insects by ingestion/dehydration
  1. Starts working within 48 hours
  1. For indoor and outdoor use when kept dry
  1. Can be used without fear of damage to pets, fish, birds, or wildlife