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Original Cloud Boutique Pack with Charm Bundle

SKU 61795
These packs are made for smaller boutiques or in person sales where you may want to offer clouds as either on their own or as a finished product with a plant. I have had great success selling these clouds displayed in plants as many people enjoy seeing it all put together. This Boutique pack comes with 10 of our Original Dripping Rain Clouds and a Charm bundle which includes: 6x Sun Charms 4x Primary Rainbow Charms 3x Red Heart Charms These Rain Clouds turn watering your plants into art by dripping water like a gentle rain. The clouds rain for up to 10 minutes and are not meant for extended watering. They were simply invented to bring joy to your regular watering routine. I find it soothing and visually pleasing, the slow drip gives your plants more time to absorb the water and helps promote consistent watering. Makes a wonderful gift for the plant lover in your life.