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Miracle Grow Indoor Potting Mix 8.8L

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Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix not only lets you grow amazing indoor houseplants, its free from compost or bark so its less prone to gnats. Plus, it contains coconut coir so it holds onto and releases water when plants need it. Includes perlite, too, to help with drainage and improve air space. Ideal for a wide variety of container plants, this mix feeds for up to 6 months. Simply choose your container, add this mix, plant, then water. Use when potting or repotting indoor container plants.

  1. Contains no compost or bark to shelter fungus gnats
  1. Formulated with coconut coir and perlite for just-right watering and drainage
  1. Ideal for a wide variety of container plants feeds up to 6 months
  1. This 8.8 L (0.31 ft3) fills 4, 20-cm (8-inch) containers, depending on the size of the root ball.