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Verte Rx Plant Supplements | Shiny Leaves

SKU 20565
Product Description - Removes dust from leaves so sunshine gets into them for photosynthesis - Triple refined mineral oil - Kills bugs super good – thripes, mites, aphids, and everything. - Just makes them pretty - 2oz bottle once diluted makes a total of 6 liters How to Use Mix 10ml into a 1 litre spray bottle filled with water, or mix into 1 litre of water and transfer to a smaller spray bottle if that’s all ya got. Spray on the leaves and gently wipe with a soft cloth. After applying, keep plant out of the sun until the solution is fully dry otherwise you will scorch the leaves Warning: Do not ingest, store in a cool dark place like a basement cupboard or dungeon. Keep tightly sealed. Ingredients 100% Triple Refined Mineral Oil.