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Gardening Tools & Accessories

All the accessories and essential garden tools you need to insure your gardening success
  • Jiffy Pot

    Jiffy Pot

    from $1.99

    Available in 4” or 5” sizes with 8 pots in total. Perfect for seed starting.

  • Jiffy Seed start Plant Tray

    Jiffy Seed start Plant Tray


    Successfully sow your plants with this 11" x 22" Jiffy tray. Made from fully recycled black plastic, the cabaret is watertight and reusable.

  • Jiffy seed start grow dome

    Jiffy seed start grow dome


    McKenzie Seeds Jiffy Gro-Dome is great for starting seedlings with seed starter cells or combined with a plant tray Greenhouse humidity dome hel...

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  • Jiffy - Seed Starter Strips with tray

    Jiffy - Seed Starter Strips with tray


    Provides jiffy seed starter strips for 32 plants.

  • Jiffy 7 Pot Seed Starter

    Jiffy 7 Pot Seed Starter


    This contains 7 all natural fibre pots with a reusable tray. Individual pots encourage root growth and can be planted directly into the ground. Com...

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  • Jiffy herb garden grow kit

    Jiffy herb garden grow kit


    Contains Sweet basil oregano parsley flat leaf sage thyme and cilantro

  • Watson Gloves Karma

    Watson Gloves Karma


    15g WasteNot™ polyester knit made from 25% (+/- 2%) recycled post consumer PET bottlesFoam nitrile palmErgonomically formedSnug-fitting seamless kn...

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  • Digger glove

    Digger glove


    They may look a little unusually but our digger gloves are one of our best sellers! Easily carve out garden rows, plant and weed with ease  i size ...

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  • Jiffy - Self Watering Greenhouse

    Jiffy - Self Watering Greenhouse


    This package includes 70 7” peat pellets (36mm), reservoir base tray, clear dome, and a capillary mat. Reduces the need for routine watering. The c...

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  • Moisture meter

    Moisture meter


    Soil moisture tester  Indicates when to water Helps to prevent overwatering indicates watering for over 100 plants No batteries required

  • Jiffy Grow light

    Jiffy Grow light


    Includes 61cm(2’) light fixture with 1 t5 high output bulb and light stand. Maximize your indoor germination success 

  • Jiffy - Strips

    Jiffy - Strips


    These Jiffy strips grow  plants.

  • Pea and Bean trellis mesh.

    Pea and Bean trellis mesh.


    Pea and bean trellis  UV protected  Extra Strong Reusable year after year   60” x 18’

  • Jute trellis netting
    Sold out

    Jute trellis netting


    About this item NEW natural jute material is biodegradable and compostable Soft Jute material is easy to use and is a great natural choice I...

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  • Upside down Tomato Planter Diameter 28 x 50cm
    Save $7.99

    Upside down Tomato Planter Diameter 28 x 50cm

    Original price $19.99
    Current price $12.00

    strong and heavy duty  Just plant it and hang it up -- on a patio, balcony, terrace or tree No need to dig holes, use stakes or cages, tie up toma...

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  • Indoor Watering Can

    Indoor Watering Can

    from $34.99

    These gorgeous watering cans have a sleek handle and thin spout to ensure your plants are watered.  Available in Silver, Gold, and Bronze

  • Rain Gauge

    Rain Gauge


    Rain Gauge 45.3"

  • Velcro Garden Ties

    Velcro Garden Ties


    Description Velcro Plant Ties wrap onto itself for secure hold. The easy way to stake and train plants with out knots. Perfect for staking toma...

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  • Watson Gloves Lily
    Sold out

    Watson Gloves Lily


    WasteNot™ spandex back made from 96% recycled PET bottlesDryhide™ water resistant full-grain goatskin leatherHooded fingertips and padded palmSnug-...

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  • Hand Trowel

    Hand Trowel


    stainless steel hand tool  25 cm  perfect for planting bulbs, annuals, and perennials  

  • Hummingbird  Feeder Painted with Crackle

    Hummingbird Feeder Painted with Crackle


    Painted Hummingbird feeder with crackle glass

  • Vine and Veggie Trellis
    Sold out

    Vine and Veggie Trellis


    Trellis Netting 5' x 10'

  • Basket with Handle Sea Grass
    Sold out

    Basket with Handle Sea Grass

    from $39.99

    Basket for picking produce in the garden.  Made out of Sea Grass with strong Handle  

  • Burlap Bag Food Grade

    Burlap Bag Food Grade


    10oz food grade burlap 40” x 24” for growing and storing edible food