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  • Pigs Figure

    Pigs Figure


      Cute pigs figure available in 4 different positions.  * Price per unit 

  • Garden Gnomes Pastel
    Sold out

    Garden Gnomes Pastel


    These cute little garden gnomes will brighten any area of your yard. Made from terra cotta they are available in your choice of pastels: mint, gree...

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  • Turtle Yoga Figurine

    Turtle Yoga Figurine


    Aqua yoga turtle design figurine with textured detailing. 3 Assorted Designs.  Please indicate which style(s) when ordering A,B,C Materials: Resin...

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  • Gnome on snail
    Sold out

    Gnome on snail

    Original price $34.99
    Current price $10.00

    Gnome on Snail

  • Ladybug Bee ceramic

    Ladybug Bee ceramic

    from $29.99

    The large Lady bug and Bee is about 12” in diameter  and the small one is 6” in diameter 

  • Gnome Fruit
    Sold out

    Gnome Fruit

    from $12.00

    Gnomes with fruit themed bodies with chalkboard signs. 

  • Fairy Garden Gnome Figurine

    Fairy Garden Gnome Figurine


    Mini Garden Gnome design figurines. 12 Assorted Styles. Please indicate which style(s) when ordering A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L Materials: Resin, Lim...

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  • Garden Gnome Small Statuary

    Garden Gnome Small Statuary


    According to folklore, gnomes are bearers of good luck. Bring some of that magic to your very own backyard (or front yard or porch or g...

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  • Butterfly Figurine

    Butterfly Figurine


    Enchanted Garden Butterfly Design Figurines. Beautiful butterfly design figurines with blue, black, white, orange, yellow, red, pink, purple, and g...

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  • Figurine - Bunnies

    Figurine - Bunnies


    Bunnies figurine available in 3 different positions Color : grey Size : 14.5x8x8.5cm / 7.5x8x14.5cm / 14x7.5x8.5cm * Price per unit

  • Gnome Mordecai
    Save $34.99

    Gnome Mordecai

    Original price $44.99
    Current price $10.00


  • Gnome Standing Green

    Gnome Standing Green


    15 cm x 32.5 cm  

  • Garden Guinea Pigs

    Garden Guinea Pigs


    These adorable little poly garden guinea pigs are a statement piece for any garden. In either black or brown they add a little whimsy to your plant...

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  • Stepping Stone Wishgivers

    Stepping Stone Wishgivers


    Place this square garden stone in your landscaping for a special touch. Inscribed in the center of the stone is the phrase, "If tears could build ...

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  • Monk Figurine
    Sold out

    Monk Figurine


    Weathered gray monk design statue. Materials: Resin, Lime Powder, Paint. Dimensions: 16.8x8.8x11.4"

  • Angel Baby Sitting Figurine

    Angel Baby Sitting Figurine


    Cream baby angel design figurine with textured detailing. Materials: Resin, Lime Powder, Paint Dimensions: 7.7x6x8.5"

  • Frog Yoga Figurine

    Frog Yoga Figurine


    Gray stone design figurine with green yoga frog design accent and sentiment in bold black typography. 6 Assorted Designs: FIND BALANCE. BE PRESENT...

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  • Cat with Butterfly Garden Art
    Sold out

    Cat with Butterfly Garden Art


    Pre order now. 2 week delivery An adorable at with a gold butterfly on her nose Cream coloured cat gold detailing on nose, eyes and butterfly fly i...

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  • Dog with Gold Flower Garden Art
    Sold out

    Dog with Gold Flower Garden Art


    Preorder two weeks for delivery An adorable puppy with a gold coloured daisy flower in his mouth  gold detailing on noses and flower indoor or outd...

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  • Sleeping Dog and Cat Garden Art
    Sold out

    Sleeping Dog and Cat Garden Art


    2 week delivery. An adorable puppy and kitten napping together  gold detailing on noses  indoor or outdoor use  Materials: Polyresin  Size: 8.66x 1...

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  • Figurine - Rabbit Family

    Figurine - Rabbit Family


    Rabbit family available in 2 styles. Color : brown Size : 15x7x23cm / 22x4x13cm * Price per unit

  • Iron Bench Tow Seat with Table
    Save $200.00

    Iron Bench Tow Seat with Table

    Original price $399.99
    Current price $199.99

    Sturdy Iron Bench Power Coated with White Distressed Finish Available as a In store Pick up Item Only

  • Gazing Globe - Ceramic

    Gazing Globe - Ceramic


    Ceramic garden Globes suitable for use indoors or out  Great gift idea for weddings, birthdays, Mothers Day and more Size: 10 x 10 x 10 Available i...

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  • Gnome with Butterfly

    Gnome with Butterfly