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  • Turtle Yoga Figurine

    Turtle Yoga Figurine


    Aqua yoga turtle design figurine with textured detailing. 3 Assorted Designs.  Please indicate which style(s) when ordering A,B,C Materials: Resin...

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  • Pigs Figure

    Pigs Figure


      Cute pigs figure available in 4 different positions.  * Price per unit 

  • Figurine - Bunnies

    Figurine - Bunnies


    Bunnies figurine available in 3 different positions Color : grey Size : 14.5x8x8.5cm / 7.5x8x14.5cm / 14x7.5x8.5cm * Price per unit

  • Monk Figurine
    Sold out

    Monk Figurine


    Weathered gray monk design statue. Materials: Resin, Lime Powder, Paint. Dimensions: 16.8x8.8x11.4"

  • Frog Yoga Figurine

    Frog Yoga Figurine


    Gray stone design figurine with green yoga frog design accent and sentiment in bold black typography. 6 Assorted Designs: FIND BALANCE. BE PRESENT...

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  • Iron Bench Tow Seat with Table
    Save $200.00

    Iron Bench Tow Seat with Table

    Original price $399.99
    Current price $199.99

    Sturdy Iron Bench Power Coated with White Distressed Finish Available as a In store Pick up Item Only

  • Lady Bug ceramic

    Lady Bug ceramic

    from $29.99

    The large one is about 12” in diameter  and the small one is 6” in diameter 

  • Elephant Statue Red

    Elephant Statue Red


    Decorative red elephant statue. Dimensions 24x43x25cm 

  • Statue - Children Farmers

    Statue - Children Farmers

    from $129.99

    These cute poly statues include a girl with hay and a boy pushing a cart and make the perfect addition to your garden. Size: Boy - 20x38x36 cm and ...

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  • Decoration - Owl with Flowers

    Decoration - Owl with Flowers


    A beautiful terra cotta owl with floral design available in two styles: brown belly or green belly. Brings a poo of colour to your home or garden. ...

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  • Garden Guinea Pigs

    Garden Guinea Pigs


    These adorable little poly garden guinea pigs are a statement piece for any garden. In either black or brown they add a little whimsy to your plant...

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  • Garden Gnomes Pastel

    Garden Gnomes Pastel


    These cute little garden gnomes will brighten any area of your yard. Made from terra cotta they are available in your choice of pastels: mint, gree...

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  • Garden Gnome Small Statuary

    Garden Gnome Small Statuary


    According to folklore, gnomes are bearers of good luck. Bring some of that magic to your very own backyard (or front yard or porch or g...

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  • Stepping Stone Wishgivers

    Stepping Stone Wishgivers


    Place this square garden stone in your landscaping for a special touch. Inscribed in the center of the stone is the phrase, "If tears could build ...

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  • Fairy Garden Base Dragons

    Fairy Garden Base Dragons


    Mini Mini Dragons Base. Materials: Polystone.  Dimensions: 5.5x6.5x6.7"

  • Fairy Garden Base Mermaid

    Fairy Garden Base Mermaid


    Polystone Mermaid Base Dimensions: 7.4x4.8x6.6"

  • Fairy Garden Base Farm Animal

    Fairy Garden Base Farm Animal


    Polystone Farm Animal Base Dimensions: 7.1x5.3x7.4"

  • Wall Design Half Windmill

    Wall Design Half Windmill


    Silver and brown half windmill design wall decor with cut-out detailing. Materials: Iron Sheet, Iron Tube. Dimensions: 35.63x0.5x17.91"

  • Bunny with Bird Figurine

    Bunny with Bird Figurine


    Cream bunny design figurine with gold bird design accent and gold detailing.  Materials: Resin, Lime Powder, Paint. Dimensions: 10.4x5.9x6.9"

  • Fairy Figurine Medium

    Fairy Figurine Medium


    Cream fairy design figurine with gold wing design accents. 4 Assorted Designs.  Please indicate which style(s) when ordering A,B,C,D Materials: Re...

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  • Angel Baby Sitting Figurine

    Angel Baby Sitting Figurine


    Cream baby angel design figurine with textured detailing. Materials: Resin, Lime Powder, Paint Dimensions: 7.7x6x8.5"

  • Fairy Garden Baby Buddha Figurine

    Fairy Garden Baby Buddha Figurine


    Adorable baby Buddha design figurines. 6 Assorted Designs: Lotus Position, Thinking Buddha, Buddha w/Lotus Blossom, Sleeping Buddha, Yawning Buddh...

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  • Fairy Garden Snow White Figurine

    Fairy Garden Snow White Figurine


    Mini Garden Snow White design figurines. 11 Assorted Designs: Snow White, The Prince, Evil Queen, Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Bashful, Grumpy, Dop...

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  • Fairy Garden Oz Figurine

    Fairy Garden Oz Figurine


    Mini Garden Oz design figurines. 9 Assorted Designs: Wicked Witch, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Male Munchkin, Female Munchkin, Munchkin w/L...

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