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Plush Pumpkin Décor | Gold / Yellow

Can be used in a variety of ways once fall hits! A timeless & classic piece, made for the years to come. -Plush Teddy Velvet fabric outside -Cotton PP filler -Medium: Approx 10+" -Small: Approx 7+" -Plush Cotton Filled Pumpkin Allow 48-72hrs after delivery for it to fully "plump" back up.  Use hands to mold it back to fullness Avoid harsh cleaners and those containing chlorine/bleach Do NOT spin dry Air dry only and try to avoid direct sunlight (prevents fading overtime) Do not use iron or hair dryer to dry either Do NOT use high temperature wash, it can ruin color of the fabric and shape. Plush products should be washed at approx a temperature of 30-40 degrees.