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  • Gnome with Friends

    Gnome with Friends


  • Gnome on Bale

    Gnome on Bale


    Gnome on Bale 17.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 20 cm

  • Gnome with Bouquet

    Gnome with Bouquet


    Gnomes holding a bouquet 9.5 cm x 9 cm x 22.5 cm

  • Gnome Lottie 15"
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    Gnome Lottie 15"

    Original price $59.99
    Current price $20.00

    Resin gnome

  • Gnome Kissing Green

    Gnome Kissing Green


    Kissing Gnome Green Hat 11.5 cm x 25.5 cm

  • Gnome washer woman

    Gnome washer woman


    Washer Woman Gnome

  • Gnome Couple with Flowers

    Gnome Couple with Flowers


    Gnome Couple with Flowers 22 cm x 15 cm x 34.2 cm

  • Elephant Statue Red

    Elephant Statue Red


    Decorative red elephant statue. Dimensions 24x43x25cm 

  • Statue - Children Farmers

    Statue - Children Farmers

    from $129.99

    These cute poly statues include a girl with hay and a boy pushing a cart and make the perfect addition to your garden. Size: Boy - 20x38x36 cm and ...

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  • Decoration - Owl with Flowers

    Decoration - Owl with Flowers


    A beautiful terra cotta owl with floral design available in two styles: brown belly or green belly. Brings a poo of colour to your home or garden. ...

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  • Fairy Garden Base Dragons

    Fairy Garden Base Dragons


    Mini Mini Dragons Base. Materials: Polystone.  Dimensions: 5.5x6.5x6.7"

  • Fairy Garden Base Mermaid

    Fairy Garden Base Mermaid


    Polystone Mermaid Base Dimensions: 7.4x4.8x6.6"

  • Fairy Garden Base Farm Animal

    Fairy Garden Base Farm Animal


    Polystone Farm Animal Base Dimensions: 7.1x5.3x7.4"

  • Wall Design Half Windmill

    Wall Design Half Windmill


    Silver and brown half windmill design wall decor with cut-out detailing. Materials: Iron Sheet, Iron Tube. Dimensions: 35.63x0.5x17.91"

  • Bunny with Bird Figurine

    Bunny with Bird Figurine


    Cream bunny design figurine with gold bird design accent and gold detailing.  Materials: Resin, Lime Powder, Paint. Dimensions: 10.4x5.9x6.9"

  • Fairy Figurine Medium

    Fairy Figurine Medium


    Cream fairy design figurine with gold wing design accents. 4 Assorted Designs.  Please indicate which style(s) when ordering A,B,C,D Materials: Re...

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  • Fairy Garden Baby Buddha Figurine

    Fairy Garden Baby Buddha Figurine


    Adorable baby Buddha design figurines. 6 Assorted Designs: Lotus Position, Thinking Buddha, Buddha w/Lotus Blossom, Sleeping Buddha, Yawning Buddh...

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  • Fairy Garden Oz Figurine

    Fairy Garden Oz Figurine


    Mini Garden Oz design figurines. 9 Assorted Designs: Wicked Witch, Dorothy, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Male Munchkin, Female Munchkin, Munchkin w/L...

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  • Fairy Garden Dinosaur Figurine

    Fairy Garden Dinosaur Figurine


    Mini Garden Dinosaur design figurines. 12 Assorted Designs. Please indicate which styles when ordering A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L Materials: Resin, L...

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  • Fairy Garden Mermaid Figurine
    Sold out

    Fairy Garden Mermaid Figurine


    Mini Garden Mermaid design figurines. 10 Assorted Designs: Pink Mermaid, Seahorse, Laying Mermaid, Blue Mermaid, Purple Mermaid, Octopus, Coral w/...

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  • Floatie - Ceramic Frog
    Sold out

    Floatie - Ceramic Frog


    Green frog design floatie. Materials: Ceramic, Paint.

  • Bench - Iron House

    Bench - Iron House


    Weathered brown barn design garden bench with cut-out pig, cow, and rooster design accents, and cut-out detailing. Some assembly required. Material...

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  • Mini Green Tree

    Mini Green Tree


    Mini plastic green tree, a perfect accessory for use in fairy gardens. Size: 2.8 inches