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Mosquito-Less 900ml Ready To Spray

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A natural concentrated Garlic Oil product to repel mosquitoes from your outdoor living area. Simply mix with water.

Domestic Sizes:
MOSQUITO-Less 900ml "Ready To Use" Hand Pump Sprayer #4400. For very small areas: decks, hot tubs, BBQ area, tents, up to 280 sq. ft. 

Spray Everything!
Trees, Fences, Bushes, Walls , Decks, Screens, Lawn, Garden, Patio, Outdoor Furniture, Pool Deck for best effect. Great for: Cottages, RV and Outdoor Events and the preferred product for Wedding Organizers. Mosquitoes can be up to 10,000 X times more sensitive to natural garlic oil than humans! Most home, cottage owners and Professional Lawn Care applicators traditionally apply about 3 applications of this water based, garlic oil based, 10-year proven, Canadian-made product a season. Garlic oil odour disappears within hours. Safe when used as directed for plants and pets.